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Scholarship Program

The Peter Schlendorf Foundation rewards young people for their display of leadership in sports and community activities and encourages voluntary participation in activities intended to benefit the community and the image of young people.

Activities of the foundation include:
  • Awarding of a one time grant to allow a severely abused young boy to attend a sports camp and develop his talent and his self esteem.

  • Purchase of a wheelchair for a high school student to enable him to play on a wheelchair basketball team and participate in the full range of activities available to high school students.

  • Partially fund a medical procedure for a child to correct a facial disfigurement and allow the child to attend school without ridicule.

  • Fund an early literacy program at the Dolan Health Center

  • The Peter Schlendorf Student Athlete Award – Awarded to the outstanding student athlete at two different high schools. Awarded once each year.

  • Awarding of a one time grant to a disadvantaged student to attend a summer science research program and encourage the desire to achieve his goals.

  • Awarding of a one time grant to a disadvantaged student who was selected to attend a national student leadership forum in Washington DC.


  • The awarding of over $175,000.00 in college scholarships to deserving young people

  • The Peter Schlendorf Team Award - Awarded to the member of the Varsity Football Team who exemplifies the team leader and serves as a positive role model to his peers. Awarded once each year.

  • The Peter Schlendorf Leadership Award - Awarded to a student leader who understands the role of being a leader and the importance of making a positive contribution to their community. Awarded once each year.


Read more about our scholarships and how to contribute in our Newsletter here

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